What do is say? The easiest way is to download a server that is “ready to use”, designed for testing: Below are the parameters required for the configuration:. From what you stated, I can guess that you didn’t check my site at all. I’ve watched video tutorial configuring WAMP5 1. You are free to choose another location at the time of installation. Go back to your browser:

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Thank you once again Regards Selvam www. Please let me know. What do is say? Then authorise anyone to read, write and execute files this is a local installation, there isn’t much danger around:.

Wamp Server WAMP5 – Download

Then install again WAMP5 you can try with the new version, you don’t need to de-grade your old version. I use the latest version of WAMP5 1.

Now check the following address in your favourite browser: I’ve watched video tutorial configuring WAMP5 1. If a pretty page is displayed, then everything’s alright. I solved my problem by making the steps form this site: Don’t wamp5 1.7.0, though – if your hosting providers offers PostgreSQL, you will be able to import the data you created locally. If you find the solution for this kindly let me know. You may find it useful to create a specific directory for example dotclear in wwwif you wish to test other scripts or Dotclear installation locally.


Once you have wamp5 1.7.0 the servers, you need to create a UTF-8 encoded database. From what you stated, I can guess that you didn’t check my site at all. I’m a student doing my Engineering in Mechanical.

wamp5 1.7.3 download, free wamp5 1.7.3 download.

If you’re using Windows Vista, you will need Wamp5 1. Sorry, only wap5 users may post in this forum. If you need any help I’m ready to help you. Go back to your browser: We’re over with phpMyAdmin.

But you’ll still find people who say that Linux is far too complicated! Download the software from the wamp5 1.7.0 site and install it on your computer. Log into phpMyAdmin as root providing the password you have previously defined for MySQL with lampp securityor leaving the password field empty if you’re not afraid and haven’t configured the security: Click here to login. The installation process is typical of Mac OS X: This location may be changed via MAMP preferences.


All Linux distributions wamp5 1.7.0 provide the packages required to install a fully functional Apache server, with all sorts of modules and configuration options 1.

XAMPP version history: Apache, MySQL, and PHP

To install Dotclear locally, you need: Dotclear is now all yours for all the local tests you want to inflict on it. Also, to make it simpler, the tutorial only covers installations with MySQL. The easiest way is wamp5 1.7.0 download a server wamp5 1.7.0 wanp5 “ready to use”, designed for testing: Hello Selbam, you can follow instructions for setting password here: The same error appears.

Thanks to you tooo yfastud Thank you, but It doesn’t work either. Al of this is included in a small 50 MB package.