Thomala seva is the ritual performed to the Pancha Beramulu, during which the deity is adorned with garlands of flowers and Tulsi leaves. Suprabhatam is a Sanskrit term which means Good Morning. The king of Vijayanagara dynasty, Achyutarayalu, helped in constructing this treasure trove and preserved the great works of Annamayya. These three statues placed in front of Lord Sri Venkateswara express their devotion to him. This is a paid service where the devotees are allowed until Kulasekhara padi.

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Each ticket holder is given 2 small laddus for this seva. These are the two angels guarding the wealth and treasure of Lord Sri Venkateswara. The idol will have sambandha daaramu Telugu word i. Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple. Even before him, it was Lord Varahaswami who had made Tirumala his abode. He is seen sitting in meditating posture which is unique to this temple.

Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam – TTD Veda Pandits Songs

The doors of this entrance were silver plated on October 1st A. Venkateswara suprabhatam by ttd pundits in Hindi and English are found on this entrance. It is as if the trio is presiding over the special puja to be commenced. On either side of this main entrance there are two feet high statues made of alloy metal Pancha loha.

So a peep hole is made in the wall for her to oversee the preparations in the bg. The punxits of Venkateswara will be adorned with a saree bought and handed over by devotees participating in that seva.


This was built by Saluvanarasimharayalu, the emperor of Vijayanagara, to express his gratitude to the Lord for the help extended towards his victories. In this seva the god is worshiped with golden lotus flowers while performing a special archana. Beginning from the record room, Veda pundits seated there, melodiously recite the slokas from the Vedas. The suprrabhatam from this well is used for Abhishekam, Archana and cooking food for the Lord.

As per venkateswara suprabhatam by ttd pundits legend, Viraja, a sacred river of Vaikuntam flows below the lotus feet of the Lord. As they were in exile, their statues reflect their simplicity and are devoid of any ornaments. Priests used to keep the keys of the temple on this stone slab every night after closing the temple and collect them to open the temple in the morning, after saluting it. It was constructed in A. Dwajasthambham, -the golden flagstaff is located in the middle of a twenty-pillared square pavilion.

Each ticket allows 1 person to participate in the seva. Dolotsavam is performed in the Addala Meda Mirror Hall as it is popularly known. All the details of the day like tithi, nakshatra, yoga and the information about different sevas are given to him. This Saree worn by Nayantara costs too much! The grand circumambulation passage outside the temple is not considered for this purpose.

Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam – TTD Veda Pandits – lookformp3

This pavilion is said to have been constructed in the fifteenth century. While the origin date of the seva is not known, an inscription from A. Then the utsava vigraha Malayappa Swami is also brought and placed outside the Bangaru Vakili facing south. To the right side of this porch, one can find tall copper statues of the emperor of Vijayanagara kingdom, Sri Krishnadevarayalu and his two consorts, Tirumala Devi and Chinnadevi.


Those wishing to take pooja material or other things into the sanctum, have to perform circumambulation along dwajasthamba including the Lord whenever he is taken outside or returned to the main temple. Every morning and evening the Jiyyangars collect the flower garlands prepared in the flower chamber and carry them over their heads to the Lord, after circumambulating the venkateswara suprabhatam by ttd pundits amidst blowing trumpets and umbrellas for shading.

All the flowers used for the worship of the Lord are deposited in this well.

Hence, it is also called Angapradakshina marg. It is said that all hymns originally written were on Palmyra leaves and later on transcribed on copper plates by his son Tirumalacharya. Sai Pallavi shocked as fan tries to throw his arms around her waist.