Apple released the iOS 5. When the iOS 5. Like step by step everything please, ive been doing this for 2 days now and still havent gotten thru. There are many online services available for IMEI unlocking your iPhone, which you can find yourself. Remember that first you need to install UltraSn0w fixer 5. Now your iPhone must be unlocked. In Media folder generate a folder named Cydia.

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How i unlock kt korea??? You can disable footer widget area in theme options – footer options. In the world of jailbreaking, ultrasnow fixer 5.1 all know the advantages if you choose to jailbreak your iPhone, iPa d or iPod touch. All punters in india have given up in unlocking it. The iPhone unlock can be done here.

If you are still having troubles make sure you installed UltraSn0w Fixer for 5. Guys and Girls this works just perfect i tried changing from net com norwegian to T-Mobile it works just fine.

Only 1 signal ……. Again, thank you so much! Download Sam in Cydia. Ultrasnow fixer 5.1 I said, myabe I have to reboot the iphone. Unlocking your iPhone is not the same thing as Jailbreaking your iPhone.


The obvious downfalls included limited iPhone generation and baseband support, as well as the requirement of being Jailbroken.

Unlock iPhone 4 and 3GS on iOS with Ultrasn0w Fixer Patch [Old Basebands Only] –

I took the first sim card and put it in my unlocked iphone 3g and it worked fine. If you were having problems jailbreaking your iOS device with Absinthe 2.

Here you can see two parts of this unlocking guide. And your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS must be jailbroken too and have old baseband which was mentioned before. When is the unlock coming out for BB 4.

UltraSn0w was developed by a group of developers by the name of the iPhone Dev-Teamwhere BlackSn0w was developed by an individual by the name of Geohot. Once you fixerr UltraSn0w Fixer for 5.

Unlock iOS With UltraSn0w Fixer On iPhone 4, 3GS | Lets Unlock iPhone

How To Jailbreak Cydia Installer: Is there any fix for this? Your email address will not be published. Just go on their officials ultgasnow and download. The content of this website is not supplied or reviewed by Apple Inc. Does anyone know how to fix the push notifications??????!!!!!!


Ive unlocked iphones with your help but never ha this problem.

Unlock iOS 5.1.1 With UltraSn0w Fixer On iPhone 4, 3GS

No 3g and no ultrasnow fixer 5.1. When you find it then install it too. Please follow ulrasnow link to read the complete disclaimer. Hi all fre help me unlock iPhone 4 5. Thanks to some workarounds however, it is indeed possible to unlock a locked iPhone. Went through the steps as described. Also I wrote you that this two types of Apple devices have to be jailbroken with preserved baseband.

I do all steps and nothing happen with iphone 4 BB 4. For assistance, please refer to our guide on how to jailbreak iOS 5. The only problem with software unlocks are ultrasnow fixer 5.1 they require a Jailbreak and are only supported on a limited number of older baseband versions.