Har Har Mahadev Singer: This bhajan is the only different one in the whole album, but all the same equally melodious as the rest of them. An ideal householder is the most brilliant ornament of the society. The crocodile earrings, is another reference to a story. Posted by Drshashi at 3: Rakesh Verma 2 years ago. Keep up the good work and please post similar articles for other poems also.

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His parents were growing older and needed him to support them, but he was lost to their needs. As Pundalik went to take the food, he realised his parents had not eaten and though they were hungry and had been waiting for him for long, they had not taken a morsel out of love for him.

Please make it complete.

Sundar Te Dhyan Lata Mangeshkar mp3 download

The word used by Tukaram Maharaj is “Kanth”, meaning the voice box, again a symbolic reference to words spoken by lord Shri Krishna, famously known as Geeta. Over the years they grew inform and blind, but their love for their son was the same. The story goes that as the only child of his parents, Pundalik was brought up with great love and care. Pundalika never abandoned his duties towards the society, towards the elders and lord had to keep his promise. Great interpretation and explanation.


The Abhanga The Poem. We recommend that you add MeraGana. Har Har Mahadev Singer: The lines clearly sundar te dhyan lata mangeshkar “Makara kundale”. And this amazing story continues like this. Sound recordings and lyrics of English Songs on this website are licensed by Deep Emotions Publishing www.

The godess of wealth does not bless all, with same kindness, therefore some are wealthy and some are poor, but Lord Krishna at Pandharpur is an incarnate compassion to all. You can see ‘Lataji’ showering flowers of ‘Mogra’ on the diety. This ending note reminds one that the sun will set one day on our lives too and we are Everyone sundar te dhyan lata mangeshkar go and touch his feet, hug himthis cannot be said of Laxmi ,the godess of wealth, so she has to stand back, no place, near universal compassion.

She is one of the best-known and most respected By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. That is “Sudarshana” meaning proper or true vision of lord.


Another ‘gem’ from the treasure of this great album! Thank you so much for this! He resolved not to go out with his friends and started taking care of his parents. As he grew up, he fell into bad company and started getting addicted to vices. Sunday, December 19, Sundar te Dhyan Beautiful, it is, the object of my meditation.


On this wonerful golden day when the divine nectar is raining from the clouds, I saw my Lord- hari paahila. Keep up the good work and please post similar articles for other poems also.

Uma Shankar July 18, at Om Namah Shivay Album: Lord Shri Krishna is a king, he is in his royal splendor at Pandharpur, but he is wearing a garland of “Tulasi” leaves. In the concluding, last lineShri Maharaj emphatically states that, this practice of meditation is the only happiness he knows and he will continue to see, meditate on this vision, which will enlighten him. A very pleasent sight indeed! One evening, Pundalik returned home in a haze mangeshmar drinking and asked his sundar te dhyan lata mangeshkar if there was anything left for dinner.

A deeply shaken Pundalik felt saddened by what he had turned into. It symbolizes that he is totally detached towards the riches of royalty. But if I pray fervently dhtan the vision of lord frees dhyaan.