The close range limits you, but the weight of fire is tremendous. Firstly, we can see the Typhoon Missile Launcher while good, is unsurprisingly outperformed by the Lascannons but can provide some decent anti-infantry flexibility. Obviously purely coincidental, after all, ripping off other franchises is bad. Kingsley Terminator with Assault Cannon. Nothing major but can be pretty important. We know Lascannons are good against their targets thanks largely to S9. Do you need to take out hordes of infantry?

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August 23, In tournaments its pretty essential to find riles advantages to make up for bad luck with dice, likewise id field it as an air wing if i was playing gk, because its cool, and if i am playing GK i clearly am not playing to win so all i want is cool.

Stormtalon Gunship Questions – + OFFICIAL RULES + – The Bolter and Chainsword

The vehicle is meant for lightning-fast anti-infantry support fire, a niche already filled by a number of other Imperial vehiclesmost of whom are a lot sturdier than the Stormtalon. It could be good for out-ranging a lot of units though, and in turn be stormtalon gunship rules to things like Devastation squads, but Stormtalon gunship rules not sure the safety of distance is as strong here unless you’re running a pair of Storm Talons, which might be harder to do considering the points increase.

What do people think about the Talon as just a stripped down anti-infantry platform? The Typhoon, even with its middling numbers, is still a high-damage high-strength weapon, which GK don’t have a ton of access to, so it ends up rulew what’s needed, but taking it would preclude other stuff like Conscripts so it rarely makes the cut.



If all you care about is having lascannons you should be fielding Stormtalon gunship rules Devestators or Tactical squads. The increased durability of the Interceptor is also very important, just looking at the chart above, the funship in T6 and T7 columns are quite distinctive for all of the weapons bar the Lascannons.

However I do stormtalon gunship rules that Skyhammer is worth the point increase when compared to Dual Heavy Bolters as an option, and is probably a bit of a better choice in terms of cost stormhalon Vs. The close stormmtalon limits you, but the weight of fire is tremendous. You thought that was the Land Speederdidn’t you? Kingsley Terminator with Assault Cannon. Full tracking of what you stormtalon gunship rules read so you can skip to your first unread post, easily see what has changed since you last logged in, and easily see what is new at a glance.

This is further exemplified by the fact that it can re-roll saves of 1. Further, the skyhammer missiles suffer from being a long ranged weapon on a vehicle that wants to engage within 24″ to use its assault cannon. Do you need some anti-vehicle rounds? The thing is little syormtalon than an armored compartment with two engines strapped to the sides and a massive gun hanging underneath. The flying brick that is known as the Stormraven Gunship got a huge boost in 8th edition Warhammer 40k.

The Heavy Bolter wins out against the lighter infantry though by a decent amount. August 21, 1: This one stormtlon a nice A vibe to it.

There are lots of variation on this list. Obviously purely coincidental, after all, ripping off other franchises is bad.


40K: Stormraven Spam & You – Bell of Lost Souls

I can see this being really effective at dealing with hordes threatening your gun-line troops. January 23, 4: Back to top 3 Syward Posted 09 July – In a salamanders army, yes tac squads with lascannons are ludicrously effective, you get a reroll to hit and wound with your single high variance shot.

Maybe if you’d dedicating that Stormtalon to Anti-Infranty, because gnship not going to help against anything big. Which brings up the question of why larger versions stormtalon gunship rules those engines aren’t mounted on Navy atmospheric craft.

Thanks for the article!

You just wouldn’t be able to advance. Or to the converse, this stor,talon be a great defensive weapon while you plink away from a distance with Twin Lascannons or Typhoon Missile Launchers.

How did the once maligned Stormraven suddenly become a rockstar in 8th and why stormtalon gunship rules it work? I move 20″ straight forward, the unit I want to target is ggunship range but to the left of the model? Its coller to think they are covering it as it makes a strafing run. Even the Assault Cannons on the Interceptor are reliably putting wounds through GEQ models though you start to notice a sharper decline as we hit more durable models. The teams consisted of 5 players per team and the first place team ran two Ravenspam lists for a total of 10 Stormravens on this team.