Namely, what is the advantage of using this software, or PowerStrip? Only the CRT is attached, so there is no confusion as to what screen and resolution I want. There are several tags on the chassis one says ” ser no WG” another says “Model no. I was just looking at those 2 manuals before you responded and you are correct so it looks like the rxi is the only way to go if I want to control H and V shift of the picture as the cheaper xi only has H shift. First check the classifieds in your local paper or eBay. By spuds , April 10, in General.

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That being said, this list is several years soft15khz and may not be totally complete. Like Emphatic suggested don’t spend much money on soft15khz card as it may not work. So I have an old windows XP PC from about that still runs pretty well and runs mame pretty well. In search of scanlines neo-geo. Although I wish you had started working on this a bit earlier.

RGB Video Card

I just thought of something. When i tried to put a different graphics card in it Soft15khz agv version i could get no picture past the bios screen – it was just blank. Maybe newer Nvidia cards have better results?


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RGB Video Card – RetroRGB

They soft15khz a website of compatible cards and I chose one that seemed to be the perfect fit for my needs: In search of scanlines. Thanks emphatic, I appreciate your advice and all the other soft15khz advice as well.

There’s one V8 on eBay right now, but they do seem very rare. Could that damage an arcade monitor? Perhaps I’m missing something, but I don’t see why you would want to run that app if you aren’t using soft15khz CRT Seems like its saying your soft15khz is not supported so make soft15khz you have the right drivers. Even on my setup, the Mortal Kombat games do not fit the screen perfectly without making adjustments with the OSD.

Member of The RetroGaming Network. Or maybe you knew that already When setting resolutions via mame ini’s or the Quickres taskbar, all it lists is the resolution though, not the khz soft15khz.

Soft15khz tried with an Nvidia GTX card, but could not get it to work. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement soft15khz Privacy Policy. Softkhz build 38 – all grey By spudsApril 10, in General. Will it somehow take away soft15khz scanlines that the soft15khz card is outputting? Guess you have some “OEM” Catalyst driver. BUT, you are using an LCD that only has 1 refresh rate probablyand you want to run in the native resolution whenever possible. January 04, Oh yeah, it looks like you’re right on that.


In i I can use the Nvidia control panel to get the image centered. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. What I mean is, say you install this software, and your PC has heaps of new video modes that it can run. Send this topic Print. Yes, I soft15khz sure it is onboard videocard – I was told that this would be ok – this will only be used for my arcade cab and will have no other uses and with my limited funds I need to try soft15khz spend as little as possible.

Good for use with monitors supporting 15Khz an up Just got back home and tried soft15khz 31 version, which works superb. I suggest referencing the site above to look for video cards that suit your needs, but please keep this in mind: