If there is already something in that box, put a semi-colon ; after what’s already there, and oblivion. This will reduce your view distance, but your framerate and load times will improve. PC users who installed the second beta patch Version 1. The Lord of the Rings Online: Additionally, these settings can be applied to other game pads, but the values represented may need to be tweaked further. Make sure you have no other programs running in the background. Shadows of Angmar v1.

shivering isles patch 1.2.0416

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This will remove the subtle reflections from windows but improve framerate.

Shivering Isles v1.2.0416 Patch

You will not see trees in the distant landscape but your framerate and load times will improve. Go to the Processes Tab. Retrieved from ” https: The bottom left corner of the Video screen will read “Version 1.2.0146. You will not see cities or the Imperial City in the distant landscape but your framerate and load times will improve.

shivering isles patch 1.2.0416

At Medium, decals do not get pacth to characters, only landscape. In the right hand pane, near the bottom, find a check box labelled “Don’t use ffdshow in: Click Start Click “All Programs” or just Programs, depending on the version of Windows, whether they’re using “classic,” etc. Right click on any process starting with the letters HP and select End.


We also recommend that you prepare your hard drive for installation by running ScanDisk and Disk Defragmenter prior to installation. This will improve your framerate. See Reference Bug for information on other unofficial and temporary fixes that are currently available and that do not require a complete uninstall of Oblivion.

How to install Oblivion with patches

Also, saves can be made through the console by pressing the tilde shivring, and entering the following: Set Exterior Shadows as low as possible.

If there is already something in that box, put a semi-colon ; after what’s already there, and oblivion. If you select Reset to Defaults, it will restart the auto detect and offer the best settings for your system.

Right-click the disk drive you wish to install the game onto usually C: Updated Oblivion Launcher The updated launcher now includes options for changing your auto detect settings for Video Quality. Textures on objects will not appear as sharp when this setting is reduced. Your framerate and load times will improve but you will not be able to view as far. This is most commonly a result of attempting to Alt-Tab out 1.2.016 the pqtch during name entry.

shivering isles patch 1.2.0416

Set Specular Light as low as possible. You will need to uninstall and reinstall Oblivion if you installed any of the Shivering Isles beta patches. This will increase your framerate but you will see less grass displayed. This will decrease the number of characters that cast shadows while you are in interiors, improving your pathc.


Shivering Isles v Patch – Free Download

It’s a good idea to 1.2.041 disk defragmenter and let it run overnight. Lower the game resolution. Items are lost because they are never added to the save file, and it is therefore impossible to retrieve them.

shivering isles patch 1.2.0416

Due to the variance in these game pads, it may be necessary to make a few changes to the Oblivion. Therefore, anyone who previously installed the version 1. However, it will not restore any items that were previously lost, nor will it fix any other errors introduced into save files after FormID rollover had occurred. Note that defragmenting your disk drive can take a long time. Click “Audio decoder configuration. Set Window Reflections to Off. Set Interior Shadows as low as possible.

This problem also occurs if you are using the Direct2Drive version of Shivering Isles as the current patch is not compatible with it.