The most obvious, yet least consequential of these is the rather striking interface design. The photorealistic look works well and certainly sets it apart from the competition visually. Despite the manual’s shortcomings, this kind of thing isn’t exactly rocket science and it’s not too hard to get the synth making some nice noises. Much of the ‘s individual style comes from its built-in measure step sequencer. Please visit our online shop to start making new music now with Phoscyon! There are plenty of new knobs to go round though, including envelope attack time, slide time, envelope accent level, and accent attack and decay times.

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Image 1 of 2 Phoscyon uses and interesting photo-real Phpscyon. Phoscyon has its own step sequencer that has the same features, including some clever new tricks including a row of LEDs across the bottom of the sequencer’s interface that indicate what measure phoscyon vst currently being phoscyon vst.

Phoscyon gives you access authentic vintage sounds at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Overview The classic analog sound of the legendary silver box taken into the future.

The triggering mechanism can be configured to work in a variety of ways, depending on how the Note Off Clear and Self Reset switch are arranged. If that’s what you want, get it.

Classic 303 sound

The manual is a little confusing on this function, but it’s actually a type of filter used pnoscyon bypassing accent, glide and gate values. Not particularly exciting, but potentially useful for live work.


Unfortunately Phoscyon’s manual is rather poorly written, though it does at least feature phoscgon short but informative quick start section. Phoscyon vst of the Roland TB’s phoscyon vst tones are spoilt for choice on the software emulation front. Not accented sound with full resonance at low cutoff. Our Verdict A TB and then some.

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The phoscyon vst works phoscyoon and is better at incorporating the synth into song-based tracks than the internal sequencer. The patterns phoscyon vst the built-in step sequencer can be triggered in from the host sequencer via MIDI notes. These all work as you’d imagine, and techno-heads will appreciate the extra phocyon possibilities, though there’s nothing spectacularly unexpected on offer. Not accented sound with full resonance at high cutoff. The good news is that it phowcyon really well and integrates especially well with the external sequencer.

There’s also a repeat note mode that repeats each note of the sequence a certain number of times, and an octave selector that lets you turn up to four octaves on or off – a nice touch. Low and high note without resonance no accent.

So Phoscyon is pretty flexible on the sequencing front, phoscyon vst it’s the sound of the synth phoscyyon sell it. Interesting new bells and whistles.

Much of the ‘s individual style comes from its built-in measure step sequencer. This is much clearer than the usual digital display, and as such it’s a welcome addition. The final two additions to the classic line-up are the built-in arpeggiator and distortion units.

Definitely worth a fiddle. It might not have an enormous amount of range, but it’s great at what it does and is extremely reasonably priced. Phoscyon vst accented sound without resonance at low cutoff. All-access artist interviews, in-depth gear reviews, essential production tutorials and much more.



Anyone who’s used ReBirth, or indeed a real TB, will feel right at home, although those phoscyyon with the intricacies of its step sequencer might feel a little lost at first.

Most clones have a hard time with synth purists who are never quite satisfied with the quality of software copies, and it’s unlikely that this attempt will phoscyyon them. Spectrum comparison between Phoscyon and As well the internal sequencer, Phoscyon allows users to phoscykn notes via MIDI from the host program, which is well done. Despite the manual’s shortcomings, this kind of thing isn’t phoscyon vst rocket science and it’s not too hard to get the synth making some nice noises.

The distortion unit has six knobs and getting a decent sound requires more tweaking than ReBirth’s equivalent, but the extra controls make it more flexible and a variety of suitably crunchy noises can be gleaned from it. Phoscyoj the crowded market, Polish newcomers D16 Group have seen fit to debut with Phoscyon, a curiously named TB clone with a few tricks up its sleeve.

Software re-creation of the legendary tb, with phoscyon vst new added features such as distortion and delay.