Small Town SpearHead Edition by: This is a small camp in Poland called Treblinka. Thanks for your attention. The map is set at night and has a mix of well lit open areas and some very dark corners. SCK Map Pack 2. I always loved to play it so I made it for Allied Assault. It also has plenty of cover points.

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Drop the Pk3 file into your MoHMain folder.

Isle of ungawa Read me A map by mohaa aftermath map and DaDs private Popeye This is an Objective based map with a twist not your usuall blow up the flack cannon. To install map simply put this file folder into your main directory and run the game. There are 2 boxes at one of the allied spawn points that can be used to jump over some barbwire and affermath the player to get under the map.

Mohaa Softwares,Mods & Maps: Aftermath

Insane amount of windows ton of tight corners alleys rooftops etc. Jap name in the menus is dmxfireville. TF Bunker le bunker des Tontons t l chargeable ici http le. This map is based on a WW2 german tank factory. Powell Installation Place User. This is the secret level on mission 4 in the SP game. There were some errors in the earlier version holes in the terrain which have mohaa aftermath map fixed and also some other minor changes.


It’s winter, and just stopped snowing. It’s a magic aftegmath, you can use this map in teamdeathmatch and free for all with bots or not.

Aftermath 2

But beware the base aftfrmath heavily guarded. Dahue Manatee Just unzip the file User the pit. Snow Mohaa aftermath map personally love this level with the snow on. This is my best map and biggest I’ve ever done! Obj Lakeside Ai This mod is not intended for use with Spearhead,it has not been tested with, so do so at your own risk.

Aftermath Revised

Now, you can edit the server. A player, small industrial map from PKM. Jules, featuring one of my favorite operations of WWII. It’s dark mohaa aftermath map it’s aftermafh If you are running on a. Here is a simple map with a couple hidden areas great for if you want to have a one vs. The map had mohaa aftermath map have a lot of secrets to enable player to continually surprise each other by turning up in unexpected spots. This is the same as the SH version but for AA.

And in case you are hit you can search for the Axis medicine depot to get. There are four objectives on the map which can continuously change hands.


AFTERMATH Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Maps Free Download

Paul France though fictional that has been captured by the Axis. The island of domination, once abandoned, now is home to mohaa aftermath map next generation of metal heads. River Town is a small map with a river in the middle, few axis and few allies spawn in there so be careful. To All LiftRiders When two players situated on two different floors are using the lift buttons at the same time an error may occur the lift doors overlap. This is a small camp in Poland mohaa aftermath map Treblinka.

The USS Protron, a small military stockade ship travels to the mining colony planed Oniel-Sheppard, transporting military convicts for lavor sentences served on the small planet. There are some errors on it, but I hope the gameplay makes up for it.

I uploaded it here then more servers can rotate the map.