Although you’ll spend nowhere near the promised “at least 20 hours” of time in “Teeth of Naros,” it’s not a bad adventure for Reckoning fans; just not a great one, either. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. You level pretty fast and basically very strong once you finished the DLC. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. All that said, if you haven’t finished the main game yet, “Teeth of Naros” will give you a fun, focused distraction away from the primary conflict, and the Kollossae are a distinct race that still fits well in the world of Amalur.

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You are logged out. Reckoning – Teeth of Naros Burntout45 View Profile View Posts. Teeth of Naros is a story expansion for Kingdoms of Amalur: As stories in Reckoning go, the story of “Teeth of Naros” is better than most of what you’re subjected to in the main game. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

You’ll find plenty of new set items, weapons, and other gear that you may want to put away for a future respec teehh your character, but the result is that you are just overburdened all the time.

Teeth of Naros

The major inhabitants are Kollosai spelling? While the quests and stories in teehh of Naros” offer a decent romp for Reckoning fans — helped by a few small yet entertaining sidequests involving debates by force, and a general sense of complete and utter boredom that the Kollossae suffer from in their isolationist plight — the main zmalur for most players will be the new loot. I should make contact with the expedition and see if I can accompany them on their journey.


Compared kindoms the island off Gallows End from “Dead Kel,” however, the Teeth of Naros is a bit of a boring area to explore on the surface. If there will ever be end-game DLC teehh more challenging areas for veterans players of Kingdoms of amalur teeth of narosperhaps the new loot in “Teeth of Naros” will make it worth picking up in preparation.

What about Teeth of Naros? The destructoid reviews guide. A new addition to loot in “Teeth of Naros” is the Primal damage attribute. These may hold clues as to how to get out of these caverns. This page adding “The” ahead of the DLC name will cover the Lorestones, which are also labelled as such on your character’s Status menu.

Was this guide helpful? I’ve heard of an expedition of mercenaries that discovered a route to the Teeth of Naros, an unexplored land to the south of Dalentarth.

While you can warp to one of the cities outside the Teeth of Naros area and stash your gear there, it’s an annoying omission. Teeth of Naros Unlock Last Edited: Reckoning saga has arrived to further pad your already ridiculous list of quests.

Table of Contents

The DLC gives you a lot of good equipment. Solid and definitely has an audience. When using a weapon that deals Primal damage, you have a chance to trigger a Primal damage buff which lowers all magical resistances of enemies for a few seconds.

Deadlylag View Profile View Posts. Now that the way behind me is blocked, I should press forward alone to see if there’s kkingdoms way out of this cave. Although you’ll spend nowhere near the promised “at least 20 hours” of time in “Teeth of Naros,” it’s not a bad adventure for Reckoning fans; just not a great one, kingdoms of amalur teeth of naros. The handful of small sidequests on offer mostly involve fetch quests or running around a lot, and while a few of them are slightly funny, they are nowhere near as entertaining as building your own keep in “Dead Kel.


At the entrance of Njordir’s Font in the north half of the island. Southwest of Eyrie Peakthere are two culverts in the rock wall; focus on the northern one the one east of the Hyperian Temple. It’s also the location of one of the urns in Ashes to Ashes. The Kollossae, a race of giant living Greek statues, had once split off from their other giant kin after surpassing kingdoms of amalur teeth of naros in cultural development, intelligence, and control over magic.

It’s also a bit confusing what audience “Teeth of Naros” is targeted at. Teeth of Naros is a story expansion for Kingdoms of Amalur: As a mostly circular area, you’ll spend about an hour or more running around and doing a few mop-up quests before you get to Idylla itself, but it’s your regular Reckoning fare of mowing through amalyr.