Login or Sign Up. Now after selecting where to save the file, you will also be prompted to input the encryption and version you want the file to be saved in just click save if you dont want to change anything. Process all make sure view only is unticked 4. I heard this was a keylogger. Now that your item is created, find the item you want it to be like.

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Go to the desitred mob. Originally Posted by Tsundere. Write in “Find” box: What is the diff. I want my blue spectrum goggles to be like this. Originally Posted by retep HaRepacker – New version Whoa, it’s like you’re back from the grave all of a sudden.

harepacker 3.0 Now that your WZ is saved properly, you must now highlight your new item again. So after the name change, it would look like You now have the options to save the MP3 4. Open your Repacker and load mob. Erm, do I need to bypass anything? Once you’ve selected it, click submit.


having problems with .wz edits?? heres how to make them work

I hope you’re aware that unlimited mp is only for a FEW client harepackr skills like heal, flash jump, dash and not for every single skill. Last edited by retep; harepacker 3.0 I can still type good at English with a few errors. Type in the box “prop” with a value of 99 3. How-to if you dont read it dont come complaining when the software crashes: To edit these, highlight them and click “Property” and then click “Change Property”. Got to say this is a very easy to use, informative tut harepacker 3.0 job!

I’ve personally never tried it.

Hurray for our Intelligences are leaking. These are stats that are added. What you have to do is rename your extracted file to the ID you want it to be. Choosing “settings” will lead to the settings form, and the number harepacker 3.0 the text box is the zoom.


Well after struggling a while with my. Juming monsters will need the no-jump hack harepackee make pVac compatible with jumping monsters.

Lts Hacker: harepacker here

You may either replace the current PNG in the item or upload your own. Go to the monster IDand open it 3. Thanks I had 3.

Harepacker 3.0 practice and time. Go to the wz editor deMSwZ and open skill. Go to the desired skill 3. If it went successfully, you harepacoer see this: Originally Posted by mavin Anyway, thanks for this release.

I have recently made a small update to HaRepacker after not touching it for years, however, it seems like most if not all of the MapleStory forums from the old times are dead.