Alief May 8, at Anonymous November 26, at 9: Anonymous November 30, at 7: Anonymous January 28, at 2: Anonymous June 5, at 1: And when will we have the next version of the AI map? Anonymous June 29, at

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Anonymous August 24, at Anonymous January 27, at 4: I click on it and it brings me from the beginning.

Anonymous November 5, at If you are using older version maos Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne, please upgrade to latest patch. Anonymous April 8, at 6: Find The AI Dota map you downloaded Anonymous November 10, at 8: Anonymous August 29, at Anonymous May 8, at Let me give you an opinion, when you do IceFrog another map to give an”updated”in the graph to add anything on it, put other monsters to win xp, I think that also could have a map that was based on a human vs orc base thanks for listening.


Anonymous November 7, at 3: Anonymous November 4, at Hello, I dota ai maps 6.70 ai a problem, with AI maps!

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HarveY August 8, at 1: NYK February 10, at 9: Anonymous August 5, at 6: So guys, shut the fuck up, and wait. If you’re whining about “plz 6. Anonymous September 6, at 2: Anonymous January mapx, at 3: Also, if you found a new Dota AI map fota not yet listed here, please kindly drop a comment here to notify me. Anonymous May 10, at 1: I lose in Dota coz I forgot to buy ironwood branch in dat game.

I want also to see a new item for damage Anonymous Dota ai maps 6.70 ai 6, at 7: Anonymous October 12, at 5: Anonymous September 7, at 3: If you found broken download links, please email me. Anonymous January 23, at 2: Anonymous January 23, at 5: Ma;s February 9, at Subscribe Get the latest updates by email: What still haven’t released yet oh boy I think this Harekke guy is a slowpoke I mean au so long to make the damn ai map why are you so slow???


Alief June 1, at 4: Anonymous August 28, at 5: