BoT used to nearby units Attempt-fix: Fixed potential bug where AI stays in base. So, keep coming here to check the latest updates of Dota. Just hold your horses everyone, I bet the release of it is somewhere before the end of the month and it will have a rockin’ AI that we can bang with Awesome i wait so long for this map and its already out Asds April 3, at 6:

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I hope it have and I can download for version 1. Abc April 3, at 3: Vrajabpoor April 4, at 4: Guest April 23, at 1: Now it’s Dota v6. Gun Fussion April 9, at And don’t forget to give your thanks to PBMN: Anonymous April 3, at Beeee April 2, at Where should i support.?

Dota AI – Official Dota AI Plus Map Download | Dota-Utilities

It allows you to pick and mix skills from dofa Some of your skills can be moved by the wind or increase its duration. Anyway i agree dota 6.74 ai hope title is a bit misleading and this shows that most of us only reads the title and making judgment before reading the whole story. AI spells against corpses Fixed: Hoope are being built by stages: AI builds duplicate items like 6 Boots of speed, 6 arcanes and a lot more.


Ghost April 3, at I found a problem with the map not sure isit just me.

Fixed bug of -ar AI not buying items. However AI will still return these items in base, not in lane. Fixed final scoreboard completely.

DotA c AI Download “HOPE” ~ Warcraft 3 Dota Maps and Guide

Pls change the reaction of the Ai’s Well there maybe some unusual stuff going on from time to time. Changed AI missing hero messages to simpler ones. Anonymous April 5, at 6: Fixed final scoreboard bug cutoffs. Beyond DogLike and Rampage: Sumzee April 3, at 8: The new items system tries to mimic human behavior.

Minor improvement to unit battle-assist system.

I’m waiting b’coz garena suckz many quittersss!!! April 12, at 2: Lakaztama27 April 7, at What is Legends of DotA? Broodmother fixed Spider-massing bug, new skillbuild Improved AI: Mine April 3, at 3: