There are many configurations that can be set out under this heading, but a few of those which one is most likely to try first in order to achieve the required value are included especially when dealing with deep reinforced piles, etc. Worldwide Standards We can source any standard from anywhere in the world. BS covers earthing system design parameters for structures, electrical equipment and systems. This is lower than some types of soil. It is therefore important to recognize this issue if a long horizontal tape or bare cable is being considered for producing a low earth resistance , even though the impedance will ultimately be limited to a final value see Figure 4. It provides recommendations and guidance on meeting the requirements for earthing land-based electrical installations in and around buildings in the UK. The content is copyrighted to EEP and may not be reproduced on other websites.

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Measurements of the soil resistivity for the pre-determination of the resistance to earth or the impedance to earth should be carried out using a four probe method widely known as the Wenner method as follows.

Wherever significant continuous earth leakage current is expected, it is recommended that a main electrode of the earthkng described in previous section be provided to which the foundation electrodes can be bonded to provide auxiliary electrodes, thus giving assistance to high fault currents.

Where the plate is bs 7430 earthing in a cut out slot, e.

Lighting Industry related British Standards

Earthong should be taken to avoid a site where water flows over it e. It may be considered necessary to apply numerical methods which are more complex than the formulae given below bs 7430 earthing software is available to carry out the more detailed calculations.

Effective earthing safeguards people from the risk of electric shock. This may be taken as an indication of the possible gain from driving deeper rods, etc.


There are commercially available materials to achieve this effectively, but care should be taken to understand how they work during installation to ensure that they remain in contact with the rod or strip and do not shrink or swell away after drying out.

Chemical treatment of soil has environmental implications and should not be considered as bs 7430 earthing long term solution in order to meet a specified level of resistance, apart from the risk of earthkng to the earthling system. Thus a pipe rod or strip has a much lower resistance than a plate of equal surface area. It bs 7430 earthing be noted that these types of measurement are not always simple and can often result in a wide range of resistance values depending upon a number of factors such as those mentioned in above paragraph.

To design, specify, inspect and periodically test and maintain earthing systems without endangering those who come into contact with them, users need to follow the guidelines and recommendations outlined in the amended version of the standard.

The rarthing to earth of concrete encased steelwork or of concrete reinforcing bars varies according to the type of soil, its moisture content, and the design of the foundation. Second important characteristic of bs 7430 earthing connection is that it MUST be capable of carrying the maximum expected earthnig current. Overview Product Details What is this standard about?

Alternating current should not be expected to cause corrosion, but, rectification sufficient to produce a very small proportion of direct current might take place. For conventional sizes, the resistance is approximately inversely proportional to the linear dimensions, not to the surface areai.

You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or In particular, continuous earth currents should be given attention. This is a amendment to a British Standard on how to meet UK bs 7430 earthing installation earthing requirements.

Soil temperature has some effect on the upper layers of strata, but is only important under frosty conditions. Above bs 7430 earthing and at anchor bolts it may generally done by attaching a bond conductor to bypass earthibg structural joint. Earthing systems should consist of copper conductors, copper clad or austenitic steel rods of appropriate dimensions, cast iron plates, or steel piles used individually or connected together in combination to form a single local earth electrode earthin.


System earthing involves the provision of a connection to the general mass of earth. The purpose of earthing System earthing involves the provision of a connection to the general mass of earth.

Measurements and Calculations Of Earth Electrode Systems (BS ) | EEP

Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. It covers earthing system design parameters for 7403, electrical equipment and systems.

Professional in AutoCAD programming. Ideally confirmation of the combined resistance of all the electrodes should be obtained, but the earth resistance of a structure covering a bs 7430 earthing area might be quite low and an accurate measurement on a completed structure might be difficult or impossible to achieve.

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BS 7430:2011+A1:2015

The effect of other reinforcement which might be attached by wire ties only, may be neglected. This requires careful assembly during installation to ensure that the bottom bd the plate is resting ewrthing the medium used and not on the chalk or high resistivity substrata.

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