They look like they have some texture but there is none. The curve was pretty easy. I have had my Blenderella DVD for a couple weeks and thought it was time to show what I have got from it. Any ideas what I did? I want her to be attractive but not another half naked warrior. Fight up close in battle, cast spells? It is a little different than original but I like the idea better.

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I used a face I liked better Aishwarya Rai and added a tiny bit of stomach detail.

Blenderella, Advanced Character Modeling (download) – Blender Store

They look like they have some texture but there is none. Lin Lin I understand your feeling of a time laps. I guess you have pointed out what I need to work on before I try blenderella do more modeling. I showed my wife and she wants to buy blenderella boots. Keep up the good blendedella mate. I think she is coming along OK. A problem I would appreciate help with is the boots and top.


Critiques are always welcome so I can improve. Opinions are always welcome. My honest opinion is that the best look for the character will be defined by her purpose. A great deal blenderrella it is silent while she works. I have added particle hair. Blenderella are different but similar. The hair seems to flip more rather than the obvious polygons as seen before.

Let me know what you think. Efrat Efrat When I hit Control Blenderella it put it back to 3D but it was suddenly a full round cord. I started with a shrinkwrap modifier, applied it, and went from there. Anyone have an opinion?

It needs material added instead of just coloring. Still just basic with out a lot of detail. The model she creates is blenderella but i think it was blennderella like a time lapse than a training workshop. I blenderella SSS but still need to tweak it and add the skin texture maps.

It has helped decide what she blenderella wear and have for accessories. I do not know what I did to cause this but I need to get rid of it.


Blenderella, Advanced Character Modeling (download)

What do you think? I think that you will blenderella able to decide the right look when you will know what a woman wants to wear. I do hope to texture and rig her for a still.

I had an idea of a ranger and companion beast but that seems so over done that I was hoping to get a new idea. I also pulled up the Sintel blenderella she did and compared the topology of both models.

blenderella Siatharus Siatharus He is over the top amazing at it and the topic is not well covered. Thought it was time to post what been happening to Blenderella. I watched the entire DVD all the way thru once blenderella I first got it.